Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is Europe a country?

When working in the Tourism Industry, it is important to have a good knowledge of geography and know where countries are. Imagine that you have to give someone advice on going to some country and you don´t even know where it is on the map. It would be very embarassing!
Have a look at this video and see how someone struggles with locating Budapest and states Europe is a country:
*Please ignore the comment on women.


Belén Barrena Vázquez said...

It's incredible that today, there are people with this dreadful knowledge in geography as the video's girl.
Of course, I don't believe that she think working in the tourism sector.

MartaRC said...

Really really ... stupid. I think I have not more words to describe her.


it only makes me to ask a cuestion: are the blondies stupids?..yes this cuestion could be a little male chauvinist,,,but isn't incredible?? it seems a joke¡¡¡¡¡¡

tamara said...

I think We have to separate the people´appearance with their Knowledges and actions. They are different matters and I know several dark-haired boys who say often some stupidities and I don´t think that they are stupids. Bye!!!!!

Barrie Cradshaw said...

I agree with Tamara. It has nothing to do the fact that she is blonde with the fact that she is silly.

I already watched this video, and I, just like my mates, am surprised by seeing there are really people that stupid. It would be understandable if she comes from a poor family, or from a third-world country, but she looks a normal london citizen (this is just an example, I don't mean to say she is from London, I have no idea). Simply unbelievable