Sunday, October 26, 2008

CVs and Covering Letters

When students hear words like CV and covering letter they usually ask me the same question: what should I include in my CV? and what is a covering letter? It is important students understand that their CV and the covering letter that goes with it should be carefully written and they have to take their time to write down the information they want to include in both documents. It is not something to be done in a rush. CVs and covering letters have their own structure. Frequently students skip important parts or they don´t highlight some of their experience required for a certain job well enough, which could result in not being selected for the job they have applied for. In a labour market like the tourism industry, in which there are a lot of jobs but also a lot of people competing for one, you have to remember CVs are the entrance door to the labour market, so getting a job could depend on how successfully your CV manages to present your experience and your personal qualities for that job.
So as not to go wrong here are some tips about writing a CV and a covering letter. As usual any comments are more than welcome.


Trapper said...

Mmm, I didn't think the covering letter was so important. I'll take it into account the next time.
Apart from that, I've heard that although it was usual to write your hobbies and interests in you CV now it is seen as a bit childish, at least in Ingeneering related works.

Maria Luisa Ochoa said...

Hi there,
Well the covering letter is important because it is the first thing your future employee will read from you. As regards interests and hobbies, you should write down the ones you think they can be relevant or meaningful for the job you are applying. It is true in some countries to include "Hobbies and interests" in a CV can be considered childish or strange, for example in Spain where I live and work it is unusual to include it. Thanks for your comment.