Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Airports: home sweet home?

We have heard a lot of stories about passengers stranded in airports due to bad weather (specially in winter and due to snow). Also we may have seen the film The Terminal starring Tom Hanks, in which a passenger is forced to live in the terminal of an airport due to political reasons. However, it is not frequent to hear about someone who doesn´t want to leave an airport and prefers to stay there till his visa runs out. This is the story of a Japanese man who refuses to leave a Mexican airport. Click on the video to listen to this story:

This story can lead to interesting conversations with your students if you raise questions like:

What would you do in an airport for a whole day?
How would you spend your time there?
Can you think of any reason why he doesn´t want to go back to his country?
Are there similar cases to this one in your own countries?
Please feel free to write any comments about similar stories to this in your countries.

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