Saturday, February 7, 2009

Going Green! Eco-friendly destinations

Many of you may have heard terms such as Ecotourism, Sustainable Tourism, etc. Nowadays more and more tourists are concerned about the impact their visit may have on the environment and culture of the place visited. As more regions and countries develop their tourism industry, it produces significant impacts on natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems. People who are going to work in the tourism sector should be aware of this new trend. Let´s have a look at this brochure with suggestions about eco-friendly destinations. Comments as usual are welcome, so feel free to leave them.

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1 comment:

Uxío said...

Good idea eco-tourism, but...
What is it?
Is it eco-tourism when you goes to a beautiful and luxury lodge in the middle of the rain-forest?
Are you sure the money you let there goes to improve better life to the people of the region or it goes to european companies? And what happen with your rubbish? How they treat it?
Good blog!!
Sorry for my bad english