Sunday, March 8, 2009

Are We Being Responsible Tourists?

In the last decade or so we have started to hear the term Responsible Tourism and to read articles about it. Here I am including a video that shows how RESPONSIBLE TOURISTS are needed. The video displays how the Italian canal city of Venice is becoming dirtier and dirtier. The locals are complaining that mass tourism has made their canal city dirty, and authorities have launched a campaign to raise awareness about this and encourage tourists to be responsible and respect the places visited.



Esperanza said...

I am agree with the comments made in the video. But I think we must care not only the tourism city. We must care all our cities.
Actually the people don't care their cities, and all the streets are dirty(paper,dog mess, etc).
Everybody must care their cities y not only the tourism cities.

Teresa Aguilar said...

Hello. I agree with Esperanza. We must not be just care with tourist places but with any place, it does not matter if it is tourist or not. I think people in some European countries are more conscious than others because their countries are cleaner than our is, for example. It is a pity to go for a walk in Malaga, where I live because people do not mind to get the streets dirty. Regards.

Francisco de la Torre said...

It's true, travel to another country is the chance that a lot of people has to do things that are banned in their own countries.

Irresponsable tourism is a global problem. I have a friend, who lives in Tenerife island. He always sais that, every year a lot of european citizens, mainly from the north of Europe, come to the beach at the south of the island looking for the sun, but also for the beer and the prices that are much lower here.

So, every night he has to face, and to deal, with a lot of drunk people talking in a loud voice, breaking glasess in the street , etc, etc.. As you can imagine the problem is not only that streets are quite dirty the next mornig, but also that sleeping is quite difficult with such a mess in the streets.

what a pity!

maria del mar lopez said...

I think we should treat other places the same way we would like they treat our own city.
It's necessary to be respectful to the people,to the country you visit.


Rocío Jiménez said...

In my opinion, everybody knows it's very important to care our cities and all the places we visit, but in some special dates, like recently Carnival in Cadiz (my city) the masive groups of tourists who come just for have fun cause really damages, and they don't matter absolutely, more over when they are drunk... and it is a very big problem.

Beatriz Reyes said...


I am agree with can't get dirty our city. When you have to stay in your home,you don't throw rubbish in the floor, you use dustbin. Why do people can't keep cleaned the street?Is it so difficult for theirs?


rebeld13 said...
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Fran Cañizares said...

Hi! I think that the most important is being civilized. It’s a question of manners and education. If you are well-educated since you are a child, and you act like a good citizen in your own city and country, then maybe you’re going to do the same in other countries. It’s a question of being concerned about the world we live in.

See you!

Ana Belén said...

I agree with that. I once went to Venice and I really liked it, but I thought it would be cleaner because the canal was dirty. From my point of view it is a very logical thing, we should respect the places we go to because if we don´t keep them clean and we destroy them, these places will lose their beauty and that would be a pitty...

Ana Belén said...
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Barrie Cradshaw said...

Hello! It is true that this did not happen 20 years ago. I think the problem is those people who travel just to get drunk and to party. Most of the people who go sightseeing are respectful towards the places they visit and its people.

So the problem is this new way of having fun which finishes off real fun and our consciences of being responsible human beings who live in society.


PD: This is Francisco Manuel Rivera Callado

Aneta said...

Finally good step! I'm sure that noone likes visit dirty places, especially when that place is quite important for international heritage. Especially natural parkes.
Well... I think that one sentence works in every field of human life - if you want to change the world start with yourself. So let's start!