Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pay Toilets in a Plane?

Can you imagine being charged for using the toilets on a flight?
Well...this is not far from happening. The Irish lowcost airline Ryanair is planning to do just that. Please read the article to find out a little bit more and watch the video to hear Ryanair´s Chief Executive´s reasons for this policy.
- What is your opinion on this?
- Can you make any sense of this policy?
I will be waiting for your comments


Anglonuba said...

Hi, I'm English and have been living in Huelva for a number of years. A couple of points about this:

1. At present, it is just an idea but one which I feel is likely to be adopted by Ryanair.
2. A Ryanair passenger was recently charged at Stanstead airport for carrying duty free products which he bought in the departures lounge of the airport. This would indicate the airline is preapred to go to any lengths to charge for anything (including using the toilet)!
3. On the possible policy on charging for using the toilets, I personally think that it is an absolutely terrible idea. However, there are examples in both Spain and the Uk where you have to pay for the use of some public toilets (in other words, it is not unprecedented).

Hope this adds to the debate.



Teresa Aguilar said...

Hello. Well, I think it is a bad news for passengers but a good one for the income of the company. It is a shame because the use of toilets is a need, and because they know that, they will do "their August" with passengers.
That idea is a gold mine that can be used by some others firms.
Not in planes yet, but in some department stores you have to pay if you want to go to the toilet, although you have bought something.
I don't want to be negative, but I am afraid that this is the "future".

Fran Cañizares said...

Hi everyone! Can you remember the case of the airline which removed only one olive from each salad they served during some months and the big amount of money they saved because of that? Just one difference, one olive is not as necessary as using the toilet. You are charged for using the toilets which are in the street or in some discos too. But we are also charged for the bags in some supermarkets. So... is this for earning money or a way of controlling and restricting?

Fran said...

Hello people. I am Francisco García. Let's talk about the issue... Besides how unpleasant this measure can be we have to admit that Ryanair is always creating new ways to make prices lower.
We complain because now we need to pay for the check-in, the handluggage and soon the use of the toilet, but we do not think what this company made. Who could think 10 years ago that flying from Malaga to Fankfurt could cost less than 80€?
Don't get me wrong, I do not like this measure either. I am trying to make my point saying that once we get something simple and easy we quickly forget what it takes to get it and just assume it is there and we have the right to have it.

Barrie Cradshaw said...

I think it is the most stupid thing they can do. It will not only make people feel uncomfortable, but also it will make people think it twice when buying a ticket with them.

As far as I am concerned, I rarely go to the toilet during the flights, but I cannot conceive paying for it. As other mates have pointed out, you have to pay for entering a toilet in some places in London, for example (and they say it also happens in Spain), so it is possible for them to do this.

Whatever happens, I am certain I will never pay for entering a toilet in a plane unless it is strictly necessary.


PD: This is Francisco Manuel Rivera Callado

Ana Belén said...

From my point of view it is a bad idea. I don´t think it is extremely rare because in many plubic places you must to go into the toilets. However, I believe that a plane ticket is enough expensive to charge passengers for that. If they "want" more money..maybe they could increase a little bit the price of the ticket since in my case for example I wouldn´t travel with Ryanair because I think they prefer their own benefit instead of people´s comfort.

Trapper said...

Well, it's true that low-cost airlines usually try different trick to get some extra money but this is ridiculous. You have to know where is the limit. I think they lose more money with the bad publicity of this kind of ideas that the money they might earn with it.

Luis Macua said...

ummm I could be a strange guy, but I think is a good idea! I really appreciate the one who has invented it; Ryaniar will earn a lot of money with it!! I think if you have to pay you won’t waste so much paper and we will be more ecological!Moreover, when do you go to the toilets of an airplane??Once in a blue moon!so I think is ok if they don’t make an outrageous charge

Estrella M.S. said...

Hi everybody!

I don't agree with this policy, of course, but I also have to say that it doesn't surprise me. We all know that these times are not good for economy, so every firm is going to look for no matter what in order to increase their benefits. Indeed, I think that this measure is not going to have big repercussions, although at the beginning it's alarming.

As far as I know, Ryanair does not do very very long flights, so maybe this new charge is not going to be a big problem. Before boarding, you go to the toilet and after landing you go again if you need it. Yes, there may be some cases in which you need to go to the toilet urgently, but I think we can do without the toilet in some cases.

In my case, for example, I would choose Ryanair if it's cheaper than another company, even if with this company you don't have to pay "toilet taxes" because I don't usually go to the toilets while flying (except in case of emergency).


nadia said...

I think this policy is not so a bad idea, as long as the plane ticket is cheaper.
I am agree with Fran, now more and more people can fly thanks to the low cost companies, but to support a fly company is very expensive ( machines, airport tax, pilot’s salaries…) and if we want cheap tickets, companies need to reduce some services like: meals, gifts, comfort and… even the conditions for use the toilet!

I consider that people have a lot of choices, some people prefers less facilities but a cheaper price and some people choose to pay more for the same journey but having more services like meals, the newspaper and going to the toilet as many times as they want without paying!!

And do you know that airbus suggested flying standing up? Look at these link:

I don’t know what I prefer…People will probably decide according to the backache or incontinence problems!!!


Gonzalo said...


In my opinion it was an unfortunate statement by the Ryanair CEO. I think he was not serious while talking about it, besides he knows they could not earn a lot of money with this new policy and, but gain bad reputation.

On the other hand, this news just could be another strategy to create controversy and at the same time, advertise Ryanair brand. As Ryanair CEO (Michael O´leary) said once: ``My own remarks are the best advertising campaigns´´


Gonzalo Corral

Michael Pedrera said...

Hi everyone,

As I have recently said, I am in favor of these kinds of airlines, BUT this is excessive! Going to the toilet is a need and you cannot charge for that!

Imagine an elderly who has to go every 15 minutes or a girl in these days of the month... It would not be fair for them or for those who just want to wash their hands or have a look to themselves at the mirror or whatever!

I do not think they will do this because consumers would complain so much that their popularity would decrease a lot.

Carmen said...

I don't think it is a bad idea. In lots of cities you have to pay to use the toilet, but it is just a symbolic pay, it doesn't cost much, and in many cases provide a better behaviour on people that uses it. I don't think they will earn a lot of money with this measure, but I'll understand that they finally will approve that measure