Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Checking a schedule on the phone

Last week we did some oral practice about talking on the phone and checking information while on tour. Here you will find a role-play conversation between a tour guide (Miriam) and a hotel receptionist (Antonio).

The tour guide has the following information: arrive 13.00 (later than booked), non-smoking section, 16 pax, 2 vegetarian, no children.

The receptionist has this information: arrive 12.30, non-smoking section, 18 pax, no vegetarian meals booked, no children/high chairs.

Thanks Antonio and Miriam for your cooperation in class.

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Barrie Cradshaw said...

Well done to your students. It is important to know this because if you are a tour guide you will need to check if everything is OK and there are no mistakes before arriving.

PD: This is Francisco Manuel Rivera Callado