Sunday, May 25, 2008

Travelling in Europe

There is an interesting website that gathers all the information you need to travel within Europe. Have a look!

Remember Europe is a continent with thousands of years of history and a rich cultural heritage! So there is much for the traveller to discover and explore and all made much easier thanks to the European Union (EU). You can cross many borders within the EU without being checked and the euro makes it easier to move from country to country. If you drive, your driving licence and motor insurance policy issued in one EU country are valid in all the others. And you can use your mobile phone everywhere.


Tamara said...

I like very much this websyte. I think it is very useful beacuse we can see a lot of information about diferent aspects in each country. I would like to travel abroad, specially I want to visit England and France. If I visit one place of EU, before of it I am going to see again this information.
It is important to Know when you visit a place aspects as the necessary documents,information and telephone numbers of emergency services... I think it is the most important and handy when you visit a country. The information about the principal expressions , the most interesting sites and what is the best to buy is my favourite part of this websyte.

Tamara said...
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MartaRC said...

Hello! Mª Luisa, thank you very much for this. When I went to Ireland, this type of information was been very usefull to me, I was been very grateful if somebody gave me or told me about this.
One of the things that more I like of this English course is the practical way, and I'm very grateful of this. So, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!