Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where in the world?

When you work in the Tourism sector it is important to have a good knowledge of where places are: imagine you have to book a holidays for some clients, or you just have to recommend some vacation to a client or simply you are just curious about exactly where a tourist comes from. Check your world geography playing this game. I bet you don´t find it that easy. Good luck! PLAY!
If you want to concentrate on your European geography knowledge, you can do this QUIZ.
Thanks to Ana Concejero for letting me know about the World Traveller IQ game.

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MartaRC said...

I think that knowing the world's places should be required to us. Yo can not work in the Tourism Sector if you don't know places, foods, cultures, traditions... it's very important for our professional life.

For example, If I work in a travel agency and a customer ask me: "What would you recomend me, Boston or California" "What could you telling me about them?" and I know nothing, it's a trouble for the client and for me.

We have to think what would like us if we were a client who goes to a travel agency, to a hotel... Maybe we could improve a lot in this way.