Sunday, June 1, 2008

Complaining practice

We are currently dealing with written and oral complaints in tourism. I asked my students from the third year of the Tourism Degree to perform a short role play based on a complaint related to the tourism sector. Thank you Cristina and Tamara for volunteering to be the first ones! This is a complaint about a hotel room.


Tamara said...

Maria Luisa I have just seen the video. It makes me laugh!! :) I don´t like my way of speaking, I often repeat emm emm . I don´t Know Why, I am not conscious of it when I am speaking in english .It doesn´t seem natural but to be the first time it is good. There will be necessary to practice more ;).

Maria Luisa Ochoa said...

Hello Tamara don´t worry this was your first time being recorded! We are going to practice more!

MartaRC said...

Hellow!! Don't worry Tamara, I think it's OK. We only need practice, but think that we had a good time, it was enjoy!! Bye!!!

tamara said...

Hello!! Marta I have just seen your comment. Thanks but I know We need to practice, it is the best way to get speak well english. I also want to learn german, and if all goes well We can also learn english at Germany. I am very delighted with this.I hope We can there learn english and german and to have a great experience!! Greetings!


hey what's up??
i know this girls..are'nt they cutes?? they have good speaking skills. i have to go now so i just have time to say good bye¡¡¡ and good luck in your exams¡¡¡¡
(mª luisa you looks cute too in your photo jejej ....regards)

tamara said...

Hello Esteban!!! jejeje Do know these girls? I have heard that They are very pleasants.. :) I would like to look you complaining to show your english and artistic skills!! bye and greetings!!

tamara said...
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MartaRC said...

Tamara, I'm totally agree with you. I think that going abroad (GERMANY) is the best way to practice. We can learn English and Germany, and a lot of things too. I need to go abroad and I hope we can go together next year.

I'd like to live an Erasmus or an Hércules. And I won't like to be too late.

I think that look at blond boys everyday will by too bored, but will be other good things.




hey,, it's me¡¡¡¡ again:)
i'm so tired¡¡¡ i did my rrtt2 exam this morning and it was exhausting...i have been sleeping all the day...but now i'm afraid because we have the french examn tomorrow¡¡¡ and 'je ne sais pas de rien'¡¡¡¡
girls, i think that erasmus is a great idea, you must to take the oportunities blowing in the air,, and 'living la vida loca' live is very short and there's no time to think about what to do,, just do it¡¡¡
see you tomorrow¡¡¡¡

tamara said...

Ohhhh Esteban I agree with you!!Life is short and We have to seize the oportunities. I woul like to Know Germany and learning english and german, so I think a grant is a good option.On the other hand You should to study french, " Tu ne dois pas perdre tes occasions et quelque fois Nous n´avons pas de temps pour penser , Nous devons agir" kisses We will see tomorrow!

MartaRC said...

Hello!! Esteban, I'm agree with you, we have to take good oportunities, but in other way, as far as I'm concerned we have to think before to do. It's only my opinion, because we can do a lot of things but If we think before what we do, probably won't make mistakes. I think in this way because my experience has made me think in this way.
I hope you has made a good rrtt2 exam. I'll see you in the France exam.
Ah! I'll go to meet you and Diana to Eslovenia. And later, we'll go to meet Dani to Lituania.
See you later!!!