Saturday, June 7, 2008

Low cost airlines, is everything for sale?

Low cost airlines are reducing costs these days so as to offer cheaper and cheaper fares to passengers. Thus they charge passengers for food, extra weight, headphones, etc. Have a look at this video which satirizes low cost airlines and the fact they almost sell everything so as to make a profit. What is your opinion on low cost airlines?


MartaRC said...

Low cost, or hihg cost?? I think today there is not low cost, everything is too expensive.

tamara said...

She said passengers ejoyed their flight!! ...It is difficult if you have to pay to hardly all.We should know these matters because if We are going to travel by plane a lot of hours We want to be in a comfortable place and the information about the prices is very useful .

monica forero fernandez said...

OK,I think the video is realistic but very exaggerated. I've travelled with low cost airlines and they were OK. In many cases they have problems like delays, overbooking... but it's true that in other occasions they are OK and they're very cheap. Today there are a lot of people who want to travel but they don't want to spend a lot of money and it's very difficult. If you want quality you have to pay for it

Carlos--2 said...

It depends on what you are looking for, if you want a lowt cost airline, you mustnt think you are going to have a huge and confortable sit, and a free menu, you will recive a tiny place where you will wait till you arrive to your destiny, but you are going to pay (in many cases) less than 100 € (sometimes from 1 to 10 €) and that is very cheap.... I think there is a solution for young people, students and people that has not much money to fly.

You do not have to pay for all that items, perhaps they are quite heavy trying to sell them to you, but its ok if you are flyng cheap. If you want luxury you can fly with "Emirates Airlines", where you will find everything cheap (well, you have already payed for it)... and thats my opinion ^^, Bye!

Esperanza said...

I have travelled with this kind of companies and they are ok, at least in my case. But I think is not a good idea, this show the companies as stingy companies, and this will damage its commercial image.



Michael Pedrera said...

Hahaha It was so funny! It exaggerates a lot but it is approaching reality more and more every day. It is a good way to make people see that low-cost airlines might not be that ‘low’.

Nevertheless I am still in favor of these kinds of airlines, because you know what you have to pay for. And if you follow the airlines’ conditions, you can fly very cheap!

Carmen said...

This video is so funny, and it is true that in low cost flights they try to sell lot of stuff. The last time I caught one of this flights, they were selling fragrances, e-cigarettes... even lottery tickets!
But I think this is worth because the price of the flight is much lower than in other companies