Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do you know the basics about air travel?

Imagine you are working in a travel agency and a customer who has never flown before asks you what he/she should know about travelling by air. Have a look at this video where you will get to know the basics about air travel. Would you add anything else?

VideoJug: Basic Air Travel


tamara said...

Hello everybody!!I liked very much this video!!! I think it can be interessant to see when we are going to take a flight. Definitions as for example " overbooked" " standby" or explanations how carring the luggages are very very interessant and practical. I will use this and I will see again if I fly in the future. THANK YOU VERY MUCH . GREETINGS!

monica forero fernandez said...

I've just seen the video and I think she has told everything. It's a very important and useful video. In my opinion, when most people travel they usually don't know this sort of thing and I think they're very important because they can avoid unnecessary problems. As Tamara said I will see the video again if I fly (especially to EEUU)