Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tourist presentations, what to say and how to say it!

When working in the tourism sector you could end up working for the Tourist Board and giving presentations about the area, country where you live so as to present that area to people who know little or nothing about it. So as to make my students acquainted with the process of preparing a presentation and the different stages it involves: research, compiling information, selecting pictures, music, introducing audio, giving it format, etc. This year as a final assignment I asked my students to prepare a presentation about Japan, a country they hardly knew anything about. They had to prepare a powerpoint presentation about one famous Japanese city. In the presentation, they were asked to focus on what to do in that city/town, tourist attractions, traditions, curiosities, etc.

Here I include just one example by one of my students from the Andalusian e-learning Campus called Luna Meschiari. Luna, thanks for letting me post your work!


Carlos--2 said...
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Carlos--2 said...

I DO completly agree with you. How you say anything is as important (or even more) as what you say it. I think all this is very interesting for any kind of person, it doesnt mind what he studies/works on. Now a days english is NECCESARY, and a correct use of it too.