Sunday, September 27, 2009

Preparing a tourist presentation

This year like previous ones (see the post from last year), I asked my students to prepare a tourist presentation for their final project. It is very important to develop the skills involved with preparing a tourist presentation of a place in English as students could be asked to do so at any moment in their careers ,like for example: working for a Tourist Board or for a promotional tourist company, tour operator, etc. As a guidance, I gave students some basic instructions, which I have included below, and I chose Japan as the place they would make their presentation about because it is a long way away from Spain and students don´t know much about it. In this way, their project would give them the chance to get to know Japan a little better and to make an effort to present to others a country which they are not very familiar with.

Japan Assignment Instructions

These are two of the best final projects. You can also see them in our YouTube channel

I want to thank Juan José Murillo and Francisco Antonio Cañizares for their work as well as the rest of my students who also did a great job.

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