Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bit of Role Playing

Role-Playing is an important practice when learning a language but it becomes even more relevant if we are teaching English with a specific purpose that implies dealing with specific situations, like in this case ENGLISH FOR TOURISM STUDIES.
In the last couples of weeks my second-year-Tourism students have been practicing situations in different contexts:
1. in a restaurant with a conversation between a waiter/waitress and a customer. It involved ordering at a restaurant and dealing successufully with problems during the meal.

2. in a campsite with a conversation between the campsite receptionist and the just-arrived camper: reservation, checking-in, etc.

Thanks to all my students for their cooperation and especially to Gonzalo, Silvia, Patricia and Ignacio. Remember all my students´videos are at http://www.youtube.com/user/Englishfortourism


Silvia said...

Ohh my God!!! I can't believe that these are my first videos on Internet! In addition, in English!!! It's so embarrassing! Hahaha

Maria Luisa, if I had know it, I would think on it for a moment hahaha. But, anyway, our star performances (Gonzalo's and mine) are very acceptable, aren't they?

So...I highly recommend others to do it!

Beatrice said...

Hi Maria Luisa, I am writing to you from Argentina. I could write in spanish but let´s keep it professionally english hahaha. I teach english too, and recently I am teaching to a girl who studies Tourism and Hotel Administration. I found your blog really helpful and I agree with you regarding that Internet, is a powerful tool for learning, and teaching english nowadays. We can keep in touch if you want to.

Best regards!

Yasmina said...

Hi, I am Yasmina O. Mesa, for your virtual course.
I like the way you both perform the conversation. I think that the best way to learn and teach is "performing real life" and real circunstances like you do in the videos.

Sascha said...

Yeah. Nice blog. Just started to teach in tourism so i will check back regularly :)

Tj said...
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Tj said...

This is a wonderful blog, Maria. I love it and use it to generate ideas for activity based learning in my classes. I teach a bunch of students who are in the hotel industry.
Thanks for a service to teachers and students,