Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who says flight safety instructions were dull?

Up to now passengers were used to flight attendants telling them about the flight safety instructions in a kind of robot-like performance, which many passengers found boring and therefore, didn´t pay much attention to. The traditional flight safety card was also often frequently ignored....


times seem to be changing and we are witnessing new creative ways to get passengers´ attention to important flight safety instructions. Let´s see these two entertaining ways to present such instructions:

So which approach do you prefer as a passenger the traditional or the creative one? Do you really think passengers pay more attention to flight safety instructions with the rap and the dancing? Please leave your comment.


Silvia said...

I'm like this post! Hi everybody, especially you Maria Luisa. How are you? How are your lessons?

I'm so good! I'm thinking of you a lot, because I've had the oportunity to meet many Erasmus here in Huelva and now I'm improving my spoken English and my vocabulary. It's really enriching to talk with people from all over the world trough the same languague. For that reason, I always have you in my mind.

If you know about any grant or way to spend a few months in UK, please, let me know. I'll thank you so much. Anyway, I'm spending my time going to class and doing what it likes me until I'll move to Slovenia.

My best wishes for all of you,


Maria Guillen Nuñez. said...

Hello, My name's Alexander. I'm from Peru, and I was searching for some info about English for tourism and I found your blog. I think it is amazing what you are doing here, sharing with other teachers your techniques and useful activities, thanks for that, and about the topic I like more the one where the ladies dance, it is more appealing for passengers and also entertaining and certainly they get the main point. Ever since the glee fever started, everything is now about music and dancing which is awesome for me. Well I am doing an internet project. A forum where teachers and students can get a account (for free), and share, study, practice and more about English, so I was wondering if you want to join and keep sharing. Then again thanks a lot, hope we can talk about it!..

Regard from Peru.

Alexander Guillen.

azeri_love said...

hello guys and girls. hello everybody. i am writing to you from Azerbaidjan. hello Maria Luisa. i appreciate your ability and activity excellent. i think this site will help me to improve my english so much. first, i send you hello from azeri brothers.
regarding to your question, i prefer dancing very much. because ,in my turn, i can say that it can be hard some ages to understand flight instructions fluently. youngs can understand, but i think it can be hard for old persons who are passenger in plane. it is my opinion.
have a good time

albpb2 said...

Wow! I've seen that hip hop guy (or maybe an actor) in a TV ad some weeks ago and I dindn't believe that had really happened. I think that's great, because flights are usually quite boring and some fun from the stewards never hurts! ;) I'm going to London next Wensday, but I don't think I will be so lucky to see things like these...

Aurora fdez said...

I have really enjoyed the experience. After watching the same fellow on television, I thought that it was a joke from the advertising company. After watching this video, I've realised that it happened during a flight and it excites me. I want to have the same experience once in my life at least.
kind regards;
Aurora Fernández Alba

oleconoleyola said...

Hello my name's Julián and I'm studying in University of Huelva.

From my point of view, it's a good idea that flight attendant explain our security flight instructions by dancing or sing it.

It's would be fine, because the children should learn goodly it .

But also it's bad, because people could to pay more attention in the dance or in the song that the emergency instructions.

In conclusion I belive that it's good to learn the instructions by music and dancing because passengers could to pay more attention in it and don't sleep during the explication.

Daniel said...

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Emma said...

Hi! I love this post - creativity is always welcome in my book! And what do you think of a penguin as stewardess?
Thank you again for your blog!